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Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 6:10 am
by Mark
What does an Amiga emulator do?

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:18 pm
by Martijn
Don Quixote wrote:What does an Amiga emulator do?
It's a program for windows which makes it possible to play old amiga games. In fact, rnd has a built-in emulator now!

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 3:05 pm
by bojster
It certainly isn't a program for Windows. Otherwise how would I use it?
UAE (short for Unix Amiga Emulator) is available for a wide range of platforms, including Linux/Unix, Windows (WinUAE), MacOS, BeOS, even Amiga!

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 5:10 am
by Mark
Oh. Playing games like Emerald Mine? Just for the fun of playing on something Amiga style? I'd just rather play on R&D. But anyways, going back from the Amiga emulators to Halo2. Its an awsome game. I have xbox live, and I play it every night. I can safely say, I'm pretty good at it.

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 3:00 pm
by bojster
If you never played at least 100 Amiga games, you don't know what a good game is ;-)
It's not just EM, it's thousands of games, many of which never made it to different platforms. Though some of them were also released for DOS and then Windows. Amiga was the gaming queen of my times.

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 8:48 pm
by Martijn
to be short and clear: an emulator is a program for a certain platform which can run programs (games) from other platforms.

for example: with an amiga emulator for windows you can run amiga programs in windows.

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 2:14 pm
by Mark
lol. I bought Halo2 a year ago. I'm still playing it. lol. BTW: its time for me to buy an xbox360. I've heard there is a possibility of Halo3 coming out.

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 2:01 am
by Darkon
While Halo 2 is nice and all, I don’t feel the urge to run out and buy a console just for one game when the pc is by far superior for games in the FPS genre.
Only chance of me ever getting Halo 2 is either, an extremely good working Xbox emulator (which wont be for a good few years yet) or they port the game to PC like they did with Halo 1.

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:23 pm
by Alan
>Xbox emulator (which wont be for a good few years yet)

Hummm I don't know about that, the architecture in an Xbox is closer to a PC than say a Dreamcast (which I have an emulator for)

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 8:16 pm
by Darkon
True, infact you can just take the harddrive out of an Xbox, stick it in a PC and vola, a cheap harddrive.
Infact I know its possible to put larger harddrives into the Xbox... with a modded system of course... which isnt exactally legal...

However... the software on the Xbox is far from similar to Windows or any other OS for that matter, which is why I said it would be about a year before anything decent comes out.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 2:12 am
by Alan
Yes, mega reincarnation of a dead post.......and two years too late! :-)

But I just finished Halo 2 on legendary, wow those snipers can wipe you out in one go! :-) , but I prevailed and won at last!

Got to say though, that Breaking Benjamin song "Blow Me Away" is amazing.

Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 6:03 am
by Hell
Halo 2 is nothing compared to Turrican 8)

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 12:31 am
by Alan
Halo 2 is nothing compared to Turrican

Edam is nothing compared to Smirnoff

Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 2:25 pm
by jezebelus
I've played HALO 1 on PC and it was very bad, I really can't understand what 's so interesting about game. Is it better on Xbox?

Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 3:01 am
by Alan
I didn't like Halo 1 much either, 2 is much better (good for a split screen game with a few mates).

As for xbox, well the frame rate is better than my old PC ;-)