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Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:51 pm
by Martijn
Anonymous wrote:
Don Shadow wrote: Only Simon and you are posting here...
count my number of post and you will see I'm also active, maybe even very active! I'm often contributing to RnD, so you are the liar here! sorry for this, but why do you do this? I appreciate YOUR work, especially the natural levelset (for me good quality). I like it, but I ALSO like other's work.

I, and I'm sure other's as well, like your contributions and will re-salute you when you return.
sorry, this way you can't count posts... it was me, Martijn

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 6:40 pm
by Holger
Zomis wrote:
> Please stop arguing.
> If you continue to argue, I and Holger will certainly do something about it. Period.

Sorry, Zomis, but I must disagree here. We're in the Off-Topic section, so people should feel free here to post what they like (unless it's illegal, insulting, etc. blah blah). That's exactly what this section was created for. So -- no, I won't do anything about it, because I think it's simply not needed.

So, if anybody wants to discuss if this forum strongly needs more "cool jokes", feel free to do so here! (Not that I think that this forum misses anything if there are no cool jokes, that said... ;-) )

Besides that, I see no problem with the forum beeing a bit calm at the moment -- I'm busy working on a new version, but have no pre-release version to play around with so far, and the existing version 3.1.0 (luckily) seems to have not too many bugs. So I'm not surprised that the forum does not boil with hundreds of postings every day, like it was in the second (ProBoards) forum for some time. And indeed I must say that I'm not unhappy with the current situation, because I have more time for developing that way. (Which does not mean that I don't like to read interesting, helpful or funny posts here, of course. :-) )

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 6:46 pm
by Holger
Don Shadow wrote: There is for example one point, Levels and Artwork:
Me: "Very nice new level sets by (me)."
Sloan: "Very nice inovative great level sets by Jamie Cullen."
That's not true. As everybody can read there, it's "Five action-packed custom element level sets by Jamie Cullen." and "Very nice new level sets by Richard Kleber.".

Should I add flashing and blinking banner advertisements for your level sets? ;-)

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 7:58 pm
by Zomis
I have to apologize to bojster and "Don Shadow" (who we all by this moment know is Richard)
I overreacted on your posts, now when I read them again: Let it continue.
Thanks for pointing that out for me Holger (and bojster too in a way...)

My personal opinion is a bit like that this discussion ain't going much forward. But keep on progressing...