Us and the three forums - history session

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Us and the three forums - history session

Post by RAP » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:36 pm

This is a quick history lesson of the R'n'D community and the three forums. Enjoy.

A long time ago, we had our very first forum -- and it was full of crappy ads that I can't stand for. And for me, I used to type "This In Every Single World With The Capital At The First Letter" within my posts. Silly me. Old habits die hard, but this habit -- in a good way, thanks to Holger's prodding of course. XD The forum was introduced in around 2003, where the custom elements... was born! The concept of CEs was still young, there are still a few bugs within the process... but eventually it grew up to be one of the most flexible concepts for newbies and pros of using these chunks -- provided with 256 of them, prepackaged. (I think it was 128 back then...)

The link of how the first forum looked like (watch out for the ads): ... nddiamonds

Then... the second forum was born, and it was hosted in Proboards. It was very, very tripping. There is so much more color, the feel of having those graphical images of Rocks'n'Diamonds. It felt like heaven, until decided to drop the ball and shut down the fourm... for no stinking reason at all! This is what only recorded during it's rather short lifespan:*/rocksndiam ...*
(You have to copy the link yourself, the forum doesn't seem to let me correctly link)

And here is what the main forum looked like: ...

Then... the final forum is born... it is now hosted under Holger's servers. The crowd decently cheered at least, but lacked the amount of RnD feel it needs unlike the second forum. This forum lasted *much* longer than the two previous forums. But it's functional at least.

Today's world - The final forum is now standing up after a couple of server errors, with no loss of data. Some of us are still thinking, "Why did the second forum suddenly shot down? ...Why?!" To Holger, did you actually asked the owners who hosted this "free service" for such a reason? For other news, the first forum actually disappeared as well -- having all the info erased, but still retaining it's links to there. Holger, any reason as well?

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Post by jacksmith » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:43 am

I have recently joined this forum community but I am amazed by such interesting history of R'n'D.

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