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Post by Alan » Tue Aug 10, 2004 12:32 pm

Serious sam, I men't the engine more than the game content.. That level with the large twisty coridoor and 100s of those skeleton things. You start with the full frontal attack, and get gradually pushed back until you are running for your life.... I haven't had a gaming experince like that since doom2

Anyway, Finised doom3!

There was a Cyberdemon btw.... phew, tricky at first (until you suss him out).

By editing the doom3.cfg file, I switched off the shadows and turned on the muzzleflash! This made the game run twice as fast, and at the same time made it half as dark!

"Hell" was only one level.... My idea of hell would be to take all your guns and ammo, and the torch! So they got that right :wink:

There's the harder "veteran" and the newly unlocked "knightmare" skill setting, but I doubt I'll play it again..

Some guy on the 3dgamers forum with a 3ghz 64bit athlon, a gig of memory and a great graphics card was complaining about choppiness!
Don't let these posts put you off, with a little fiddling you can get a steady frame rate...
I have a 1.4Ghz AMD, the minimum specs are a 1.5Ghz
I have 256MB of memory, and min specs are 380MB
And I own a 128mb Geforce3 Ti, which is old...

final score 8/10 :wink: :wink: :wink: (still prefer FarCry) :twisted:

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