RoX and other Boulderdash games

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RoX and other Boulderdash games

Post by Dark » Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:29 pm


I hope people won't mind me discussing another boulderdash game on this forum. Obviously Rnd is the absolute diffinative game with the most levels etc, but having discovered this game genre, I want to look into things as widely as possible.

I've tried several of the games listed on Martijn's wonderfully comprehensive site, and apart from Rnd, I do also rather like RoX. The game atmosphere, graffics and lighting actually make it feel a rather different (and more hechtic), experience. I also rather enjoy the music. on Martijn's RoX page, as well as a few extra tracks for RoX there are listed several tracks which were made available on a Cd from Safrosoft, (safro blizard etc). I was wondering, are these just extended versions of the game tracks. the one I downloaded sounded rather familiar.

Is the sequel to the game stil in developement? I'll be sorry if not.

The Supaplex homepage lists a game called Igor - the time machine almost as if it's the sequel to Supaplex. the screen shots seemed to show larger sprites and a huge variety of unusual elements such as water. Apparently more levels have been written for the game as well. Has anyone tried it?

Any other game (or Rnd level pack) suggestions would be welcome.

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