A full game in one tiny script.

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A full game in one tiny script.

Post by Alan » Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:19 pm

This experiment was to see if I could make an entire playable game in HTA, but small enough to post on a forum (in one post I mean).

The Windows only game is based on LodeRunner.....Collect diamonds whilst traversing ladders and avoiding three meanies. The only advantage you have is you can fall off ladders, they can't.

Embedded graphics,
Seeded levels (-99999999 to 999999999),
Sound work around,
Smooth and well balanced game play. Nice and fair collisions.
Only 3 Pages!

OK, copy this to a text file and rename it to "game.HTA". Place this in a new folder (it unpacks graphics wherever it is ran from). Double click and play! (Cursor keys)

Code: Select all

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Ladders'n'Things By Alan Bond</TITLE>
<HTA:application id="frmMain" singleinstance="yes" showintaskbar="yes" maximizeButton="no"
minimizeButton="no" border="thin" navigable="yes" windowState="normal" contextmenu="no"/>
<SCRIPT language="VBScript"> Option Explicit

Dim gfx,MainLoopRunner,tts,Fav,DmdCount,PH,PV,P1,P2,KDX,KDY,FSO,StrPath
Dim map(17,16),DMD(17,16),Mov(3),DX(3),DY(3),MT(3),Pulse(3),PU(3)
gfx = Array ("202020FF040404FF","80AAD4AAD4AAD4FF","8888F888888F8888","0202FF2020FF0202","007E425A5A427E00", _
"9942249999244299","DD007700DD007700","FF55AA000055AAFF","44FF1111FF444444","83070E1C3870E0C1", _
"3C04043C3C04043C", "7E007E7E7E007E7E","E781E7E7E781E7E7","BDBD81BDBDBD81BD","E7E4E5E127A787E7", _
"812400423C000081","81001200211E0081","81002400423C0081","8100480084780081","8100002400423C81","812424003C420081", _
"810066000024247E","9900426600813C7E","C3811824241881C3","BD185ABDC3811881","995A3CE7E73C5A99", _
"81240081E7E7C381","99004224810066BD","8124005A7E5A0081","DB99810024003C81","6642812400994266", _
Fav = Array (0,82,83,102,223,229,1433,2331,3233,5394,5422,6578,6784,10343,13331,15901,32388,52421)
Set tts = Nothing:Set tts = CreateObject("Sapi.SpVoice"):Set tts.Voice = tts.GetVoices.Item(0)

Sub Window_OnLoad
	dim L,G,S,fs,ts,opt:Self.Resizeto 522,548:Self.Moveto (screen.width/2)-261,(screen.height/2)-266
	Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	strPath=FSO.GetFolder("."):if right(StrPath,1)<>"\" then strPath=StrPath & "\"
	For G = 0 to ubound(Gfx)
		S="#define XBM_width 8" & vbcrlf & "#define XBM_height 8" & vbcrlf & "static char XBM_bits[]={"
		For L = 1 to len(gfx(G)) Step 2:S=S & "0x" & Mid(gfx(G),L,2) & ",":Next
		S=S & "};":Set ts = FSO.OpenTextFile(StrPath & "G" & G & ".XBM", 2, True):ts.Write(S):ts.Close
	For L = 0 to ubound(Fav):Set opt=Document.createElement("OPTION")
End Sub	

Sub MakeLevel()
	Dim X,Y,H1,H2,L1,L2,E:Rnd(-1):Randomize htmLVL.value:DmdCount=0
	For Y=0 to 16:For X=0 to 17
		if y<>0 and y<>16 and x<>0 and x<>17 then map(x,y)=0 else map (x,y)=1 end if
	For Y=2 to 14 step 2
		For X=1 to 16:map(x,y)=1:next
		H1=rand(4,7):map(H1,Y)=0:H2=rand(9,13):map(H2,Y)=0:select case rand(0,2)
		case 0:For X=1 to H1:map(x,y)=0:next:L1=rand(H1,H2):L2=rand(H2,16)
		case 1:For X=H1 to H2:map(x,y)=0:next:L1=rand(1,3):L2=rand(H2,16)
		case 2:For X=H2 to 16:map(x,y)=0:next:L1=rand(1,3):L2=rand(H1,H2)
		end select:Map(L1,Y)=2:Map(L2,Y)=2
	For Y=1 to 15:For X=1 to 16
		If map(X,Y)=2 and map(X,Y+1)=0 then map(X,Y+1)=2
		If map(X,Y)=1 and map(X,Y-1)=0 and Rand(0,1)=0 and y>2 then map(X,Y-1)=3:DmdCount=DmdCount+1
	Do While E<3:X=rand(1,16):if map (X,2)<>0 and map(X,1)=0 then map(X,1)=4:E=E+1
	Do While E<4:X=rand(1,16):if map (X,15)=0 then map(X,15)=5:E=E+1
End Sub	

Sub DrawLevel()
	Dim X,Y,S,Gr,Col,WCol,LCol,DCol,ECol,YCol,I,M,WGr,LGr,DGr,EGr
	WGr=Rand (0,9):LGr=Rand(10,14):EGr=Rand(21,30):DGr=Rand(31,35)
	For Y=1 to 15:For X=1 to 16:Select case map(X,Y)
		Case 0:Gr=-1
		Case 1:Gr=WGr:Col=WCol
		Case 2:Gr=LGr:Col=LCol
		Case 3:Gr=DGr:Col=DCol:DMD(X,Y)=I
		Case 4:Gr=EGr:Col=ECol:Mov(M)=I:M=M+1:Map(X,Y)=0
		Case 5:Gr=5:Col=YCol:Mov(M)=I:M=M+1:Map(X,Y)=0
		End Select
		if Gr<>-1 then s=s & "<img src='G" & Gr & ".XBM' width=32 height=32 style='position:absolute; left:" & _
		(X-1)*32 & ";top:" & (Y-1)*32 & ";background-color:#" & Col & "'>":I=I+1
	PH=rand(0,1):PV=rand(0,1):P1=rand(15,25):P2=rand(26,35):if PV=0 and PH=0 then PV=1
	For X = 0 to 3:document.images(Mov(X)).style.zIndex=1000-X:MT(X)=0:DX(X)=0:DY(X)=0:Pulse(X)=P1+1:PU(X)=RandD():next
End Sub

Sub MainLoop()
	For L =0 to 3:X=document.images(Mov(L)).style.pixelleft:Y=document.images(Mov(L)).style.pixeltop
		MT(L)=MT(L)-1:if MT(L)<=0 then
			If L=3 then
				DX(L)=KDX:Select case map(MX,MY+1)
				Case 0,3:DY(L)=1:DX(L)=0
				Case 2:DY(L)=KDY:if map(MX,MY)=0 and DY(L)=-1 then DY(L)=0
				Case Else:If DY(L)<>0 then tts.speak"xxe",1:DY(L)=0
				end select:If map(MX+DX(L),MY)=1 then DX(L)=0
				Select Case map(MX,MY)
					Case 2:DY(L)=KDY:if KDY=1 and map(MX,MY+1)<>2 then DY(L)=0
					Case 3:	tts.Speak "umm",1:Map(MX,MY)=0:DmdCount=DmdCount-1
					If DmdCount=<0 then
						tts.speak "iqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq":htmLVL.value = htmLVL.value + 1
						window.clearInterval(MainLoopRunner):PlayGame():Exit sub
					End If
				End Select
				document.images(Mov(L)).src= "G" & ((DY(L)*2) + DX(L)+2)+15 & ".XBM"
				IF DX(L)<>0 then
					If map(MX,MY+1)=2 and YY>Y then DY(L)=sgn(YY-Y):DX(L)=0
					If map(MX,MY)=2 then DY(L)=sgn(YY-Y):DX(L)=0					
					If map(MX,MY+DY(L))=1 then DX(L)=RandD():DY(L)=0
					If map(MX,MY)=0 and DY(L)=-1 then DX(L)=RandD():DY(L)=0	
					If map(MX+DX(L),MY)=1 then DX(L)=-DX(L):DY(L)=0
					If map(MX,MY)=0 or map(MX,MY+DY(L))=1 then DX(L)=RandD():DY(L)=0
					If DY(L)=0 and DX(L)=0 then DX(L)=RandD():DY(L)=0
					If map(MX+DX(L),MY)=1 then DX(L)=-DX(L):DY(L)=0
				End if
				If map(MX,MY+1)=0 or map(MX,MY+1)=3 then DX(L)=0:DY(L)=1  
			end if					
		end if
		If L<>3 then
			If (ABS(YY-Y)<26 and ABS(YX-X)<26) then 
				document.images(Mov(3)).src= "G20.XBM":tts.Speak "uxxxxxxx",1
			End If
			If PH=1 then document.images(Mov(l)).style.width=Pulse(L)
			If PV=1 then document.images(Mov(l)).style.height=Pulse(L)
			Pulse(L)=Pulse(L)+PU(L):If Pulse(L)=<P1 or Pulse(L)=>P2 then PU(L)=-PU(L)
		End If
		document.images(Mov(L)).style.pixelleft = X + DX(L):document.images(Mov(L)).style.pixeltop = Y + DY(L)
End Sub

sub document_onkeydown()
	select case window.event.Keycode
	case 38:KDY=-1:KDX=0
	case 40:KDY=1:KDX=0
	case 37:KDX=-1:KDY=0
	case 39:KDX=1:KDY=0
	end select	
end sub	
sub document_onkeyup()
	select case  window.event.Keycode
	case 38:if KDY<>1 then KDY=0
	case 40:if KDY<>-1 then KDY=0
	case 37:if KDX<>1 then KDX=0
	case 39:if KDX<>-1 then KDX=0
	end select
end sub	

Function Rand(Lo,Hi):Rand=Int((hi-lo+1)*Rnd+lo):end function
Function RandC(Lo,Hi)
	Dim L,S,V:For L = 0 to 2:V=Hex(rand(Lo,Hi)):if len(V)=1 then V="0" & V
	RandC=RandC & V:next
end function	
Function RandD():RandD=Int(rnd(1)*2)-1:if RandD=0 then RandD=1
end function
Sub PlayGame()	
	tts.Speak "ihhhhhhhhhhhhh",1:window.clearInterval(MainLoopRunner):MakeLevel:DrawLevel
	MainLoopRunner = window.setInterval ("MainLoop", 1)	
End Sub
Sub CLevel(LAdd):htmLVL.value=htmLVL.value+LAdd:PlayGame():End Sub
Sub cmbSel():htmLVL.value=cmbBox.value:PlayGame():end sub	
<BODY scroll="no" BGColor=buttonface style="margin:0px;font-family:Arial;font-size:12PX">
<INPUT type="button" value="Play" onClick="PlayGame()" style="Width:100;Height:40"/>
<DIV STYLE="position:absolute;left:190;top:0">Level<BR>
<INPUT type="button" value="<" onClick="CLevel(-1)" style="Width:25;">
<INPUT type="text" ID="htmLVL" value="1" MAXLENGTH="9" style="Width:75;">
<INPUT type="button" value=">" onClick="CLevel(1)" style="Width:25;"></DIV>
<DIV STYLE="position:absolute;left:450;top:0">Favorites<BR><select size="1" ID="cmbBox" onchange="cmbSel()"></select></DIV>
<DIV ID="htmViewport" STYLE="position:absolute;left:0;top:40;width:512;height:480;background-color:#000000;">


I use XBM. A very old format that I have to admit I have never used! It is handy for scripts however. They remind me of the Sinclair Spectrum's UDGs (User defined graphics). They look like this in a text editor:-

Code: Select all

#define XBM_width 8
#define XBM_height 8
static char XBM_bits[]={0x20,0x20,0x20,0xFF,0x04,0x04,0x04,0xFF,};
If you save the above as GRAPHIC.XBM, I guarantee that no paint program will read it! But your browser can.....just associate XBM files with your browser to see the above graphic (it's a brick wall)

The big drawback is they are only one colour..They have no background either (and so where used for cursors). Even worse you can't set the colour anywhere, it has to be black. But I defined all the graphics reversed and used the background of each one as the colour. :-)

Oh, and to save room I made all the graphics 8x8, but since they're HTML IMG's I can scale them up. They look very pixilated though (who cares?). Also to save more room I animated the meanies by stretching them, it looks pretty good sometimes!


I am really happy with the level algorithm. It was my 1st attempt at a level like this and it worked 1st go! It never makes islands and you can get to every platform. Here's what I did:-

1. Draw 7 lines of bricks across the map horizontally....always in the same place.
2. Randomly wipe two bricks on the left side and right, this leaves us with 3 platforms per line.
3. Randomly wipe one platform, put "ladder-tops" randomly on the remaining two platforms.
4. Now scan through the map, project any ladder-top down (if room).

And it seems to work 100% ;-)


I abused Microsoft SAM ;-)

I first thought I could make sounds by making him say odd words like:- "mmmmmm" but instead he actually says the letters like this:- "em,em,em,em,em,em", which is silly. But I found you can "crash" SAM by placing odd letters at the start or end like this:- "uxxxxxxx" This is the closest to an explosion sound as I could get! :-) (Much better than using Windows GUI sounds......which I don't have anyway)

Have fun!

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Post by Francesco » Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:13 pm

Hi Alan,
very nice game, it must be said, and yes, the algorithm is really simple and effective.

The sounds are effective too, and quite fun to hear.
I wonder if it is possible to change the voice that spells them out.

One single outpoint: I cannot really see the graphics.
I see only a bunch of red Xs all along the screen.
But hey, the backgrounds are set and different, the game is still perfectly playable.

I am running it on a XP SP2 500mhz.
The gameplay is smooth and profitable.

My default browser is Firefox and I have IE 6 on my machine
- just in case it could be related to the problem.

Keep on having fun with your creations and sharing them,
all the best,
Anyway, by the way, have fun!

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Post by Francesco » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:23 pm

I've just discovered that Firefox is able to display those graphics, while IE6 is not.
I think that's the problem, I'd have to update my IE...
Anyway, by the way, have fun!

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Post by Alan » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:07 pm

The sounds are effective too, and quite fun to hear.
I wonder if it is possible to change the voice that spells them out.
Yes, if you have more voices installed (Mary is free). I think XP comes with SAM and nothing else. Make sure you change the line:- Set tts.Voice = tts.GetVoices.Item(0) , to 1 or above for other speech engines.

Speaking of which, I found some more commands for SAM.......First the rate of the talking:-

Code: Select all

tts.Rate =10
Which is in the range of -10 to 10. Pitch however has eluded me for ages! Apparently not in the main object of SAM, but it can be done. This method is so weird! You actually set it in the text SAM is speaking in XML

Code: Select all

tts.Speak "<pitch middle='15'>" & SpeakText.value ,1
Isn't that odd? This has a range of -25 to 25. You can now make SAM sound like a girl or a giant! ;-)

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Post by Francesco » Tue Jul 22, 2008 6:24 pm

Yes, just tried that pitch thing and it sounds quite funny!

Unfortunately, it seems I've just one voice-pack installed (changing the voice doesn't seem to make any difference, hence...)
Anyway, by the way, have fun!

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Post by Alan » Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:19 pm

Hummm, just thought I could of cut out some graphics in the game and used a style.filter.mirror for directional
animation (not to mention all the other cool filters like opacity)

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