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2006-04-18 · phpBB KittenAuth 0.9.0 released!

Tired of fighting against SPAM bots that automatically register to your phpBB forum despite visual confirmation already enabled?
Here's the solution: phpBB with KittenAuth support for visual confirmation, replacing the CAPTCHA based visual confirmation of the current phpBB 2.0.20 (which can be bypassed by automated SPAM software using OCR algorithms).
This is nearly a reference implementation of a cool idea by Oli Warner that was first published in his blog article The Cutest Human-Test: KittenAuth. I implemented his idea with some modifications which make it very easy to flexible respond to spammers even if they try to bypass the KittenAuth visual confirmation: You can not only change all images to your personal liking very easily, but there are also different kinds of easily adjustable questions regarding the same images, requiring the user to select different images for each question! This will make it especially hard for automated systems to pass by!
The result is phpBB KittenAuth 0.9.0! You can check it out immediately at my phpBB KittenAuth Test Forum -- just try to register there and see phpBB with KittenAuth in action!
I already use phpBB KittenAuth for the Rocks'n'Diamonds Forum with great success! With the normal, CAPTCHA based visual confirmation, I had to delete at least two or three automatically registered SPAM users per day -- since I use my new phpBB KittenAuth, I had no single SPAM user anymore! (Please do not use this forum for testing KittenAuth, even though it is even harder to register there as an "outsider", because I used images and questions that require a little knowledge of the game itself!)
If you also want this for your phpBB forum, just go to the Download section and select from various pre-packaged archives from which one will suit your needs! The installation is very easy even for a heavily modded phpBB and won't take much more than ten minutes! Try it out!
For more information on how to easily customize phpBB KittenAuth, see the documentation page.
last updated 2006-04-18